Potato Soup

potato soup
Potato Soup

There is nothing that will warm you up inside on a cold, gloomy day like a  bowl of hot potato soup.  I prefer what I call “virgin” potato soup as opposed to those recipes that load up the soup as one would a baked potato.  Many restaurants offer  delicious varieties of this soup.  Sometimes they use leeks instead of onions or in combination with onions.  They serve the soup garnished with cheese or with cheese cooked in it. There are other recipes that include bacon and/or sour cream.  It’s a very versatile recipe with many interesting possibilities

  Potato soup is one of those down home things that my mom made.  My grandparents  were dairy farmers and always had an abundance of potatoes, milk and cream, so it’s one of those things we grew up with.   It’s a good choice when you forget to take meat from the freezer or when you want to take a break from meat.

When this is pureed and served cold, it is called “Vichyssoise”, which takes it off the supper table and makes it a sophisticated course for serving a formal dinner.


1.  5-6 potatoes (figure one average potato per person)

2.  2 cups chicken broth

3.  1 sm onion, chopped

4.  3/4 c. milk

5.       1/4 c. cream

6.        1 tsp pepper

7.         salt to taste

cheese and green onion for garnish

Peel potatoes and cut into chunks. Add onions, salt and pepper. 

Boil in broth for 20-30 minutes. Add milk and cream. Let set. 

DO NOT BOIL after you’ve added milk.  It will curdle.

For vichyssoise, serve it at slightly lower than room temperature.  You don’t want it refrigerator cold, though.  I’d recommend using a hand held mixer as well, rather than trying to actually ‘puree’ it in a blender.  It still has a little texture that way.

Please keep checking back at my website for more easy recipes that are old fashioned, from scratch and even a little healthier than the mixes and cans and boxed stuff.

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